Subject matter of the contract
The Lessor shall make the rental object available to the Lessee for the agreed period of time in accordance with the receipt (booking confirmation/invoice).

Ownership of the material
The leased material remains the property of the lessor.

Early return of the rental object
If the Lessee is forced to return the rental object early, he is not entitled to a refund of the rental amount or a part thereof.

Collection and return of the rental item
The rental item must be collected from or returned to the lessor during store opening hours. If delivery by courier service is agreed, the Lessee must ensure that a responsible person is present on the agreed pick-up or return day.

Late return of the rental object
If the Lessee does not return the rental object by the end of the agreed rental period, the Lessee is obliged to pay for the additional rental period according to the tariff. In addition, the Lessee is liable for any damage incurred by the Lessor due to the late return.

For seasonal rentals, the rental object must be returned by 30.11. at the latest. For rental items returned between 1.12. and 31.12., an additional fee of CHF. 80.00 will be charged. Rental objects which are not returned by 31.12. must be taken over at the stipulated purchase conditions (residual value).

Duty of care
The lessee shall handle the rented item with care. The renter is fully liable for any damage to the rented item occurring during the rental period. Excluded are defects on the rental object, which are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Exclusion of liability
The lessor is not liable in any way for damage to property or persons occurring during the rental period.

Behavior in the event of theft or damage
In the event of theft or damage by third parties, the lessor must be notified immediately and, if necessary, the police must be called in.

Authorized user
The rented item may only be used by the tenant. Subletting is prohibited.

Condition of the material upon return
The rental object must be cleaned and in proper condition upon return. If the material is dirty or damaged, the renter will be charged for the resulting costs of cleaning or repair.

Data protection
The data protection declaration of jaron.direct GmbH applies to the processing of personal data.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
The contract is subject to substantive Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich.